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Ever since I started CalgaryMMABootcamp I have noticed an overall improvement in my energy level and enthusiasm for a great workout. The classes are always energetic, challenging and never boring. The instructors are skilled and take the time to explain each station/workout. I like that I am always pushed to new limits. My arms and legs have became very toned, I have lost inches in only 2 weeks, my strength and energy has increased as well.

Ruby Minhas

I have been doing the MMA Bootcamp for six weeks and I absolutely love it. Bobby and his team are awesome they are very knowledgeable, motivating and encouraging, it is such a positive atmosphere. I love the high intensity I know that I would not push myself as hard exercising on my own, I am so excited every morning there is a class, I cant get enough of it. The guys are really good at mixing up the work outs so that it never gets boring. I feel that with this MMA Bootcamp I am definitely on my way to achieving a stronger, healthier, more toned body.
Thanks guys, you rock!

Christina Ergang

The MMA women’s boot camp has been a great experience for me, a non-intimidating positive atmosphere with experienced trainers who motivate and guide you through everything, I have done exercise that I did not think I could do. I look forward to continuing my journey in this class to becoming a more confident stronger person. Thank-you for all your help and support.

Carrie Kingdon

I started the MMA women’s boot-camp approximately 1 month ago and have found it to be one of the most challenging and physically exhilarating experiences I have ever gotten from an exercise class. Bobby is an excellent instructor through positive motivation and guidance. The workouts are never boring, in fact I look forward to each class wondering what we’ll be doing next. Bobby has you working out in ways you would never have thought of on your own in a gym. Circuit training combined with muscle confusion keeps this workout interesting. I have since cancelled my gym membership and devoted my entire fitness routine to this MMA Boot-camp. I look forward to feeling the burn every time I walk into the studio. Thank you Bobby for helping me in my journey of becoming a stronger person and helping me start to regain my endurance in order to hopefully complete the entire ride next year and each year after that.
Sincerely yours,

Diane Webb

I usually don’t believe in seeing or hearing testimonials due to the fact there are usually done by hard core fit and skinny people. Honestly I am neither one of those. If you look in the video I am the biggest one there, but it doesnt matter. The only thing that matters is how it has helped me . I have been doing this class for about 6 weeks. Every mon, wed,and fri. I look forward to the class even though i know it is hard, but that is what i like about it. The trainers make you want to do your best and push your self even if you dont think you can. I have noticed in the 6 weeks I have gotten stronger instead of 2 modified push ups I can do about 12ish, Which I never thought I could do , But that is the point to not care about how much weight I lose, but how much better I can be at this class and challenging myself with the help of the trainers to do the best I can. Btw I am addicted to the class and love the trainers thanks you. The 3 of you guys rock.

Natalie Ergang

I just wanted to say that I can’t believe how much I have gotten out of your class already. Today was my 10th class.

I stopped running (and I use that term very loosely) after I had surgery in October of ’09, and hit the gym a couple of times after I had healed up.
I tried running back in November, and I could barely make it around the block without wheezing (awesome mental imagine, isn’t it?).
This weekend, I went running. I did a 3k on Saturday, and a 5k on Sunday.

Your class did that for me.

I guess I just really wanted to thank you for that.

So, thanks!


Bobby has managed to keep us motivated plus has helped us to achieve our goals. Our programs get changed monthly so as to not get boring and Bobby always seems to come up with unique routines that work multiple parts of the body at the same time thus allowing us to work many muscle groups in a one hour workout.
He is cognoscente of our limitations but pushes us to always do better.

Eric and Liz Murray Jan 2008

I have been training regularly with Mr. Bobby Triantafillou for approximately 3 years now and I am honoured to be giving a testimonial. I cannot say enough positive things about Bobby and his training techniques. First off this trainer is reliable and consistent. In the past I have had trainers who show up late, cancel last minute etc. This has never happened with Bobby. Furthermore, he adjusts his training techniques to accommodate each client’s needs and goals. Bobby knows what my fitness level is and pushes me to my absolute maximum, without turning me off of exercising all together. Over the past 3 years I have seen remarkable changes in my body and have more energy and stamina than other peers of my age. I am now over 40 and have the body and fitness level of a 20 year old thanks to Bobby’s training regimens with me. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Triantafillou to anybody looking to make positive changes in their body and lifestyle.

Dr. Gita Kruger, MD, MSc.

I have known Mr. Triantafillou for many years and have been trained, as well as trained with him countless times. As a trainer he has pushed me to places that I thought would take me years of work to reach. More importantly though as a training partner he is one in a million. The training principles he applies as well as comes up with are truly ground breaking. Together we have applied these ideas in intense training regimes. We have set together and pushed through the pain. The intensity that he brings in when we are working out is something I can feed off of. If he performs one extra rep of an exercise I instinctively have to try to match that or surpass it; and vice versa. I have trained and worked out with many people over the past few years and there is nobody else I have looked forward to working out with more than Bobby. The distinguishing factor that makes me so excited for our training sessions is knowing I will never be allowed to not reach or surpass the level of intensity we established in the previous workout. By training together I have witnessed first hand his perserverance and strength. It is something I am able to feed off of and instill in myself. I mean this when I say it that sometimes I believe that he is super human!!

Sumeet Gill,
University of Calgary

I’ve done training with Instructor Bobby for a few years and i have never met another person who can push me above and beyond what i thought i was able to, I remember the time i did training where i learned new workout methods and exercises to improve myself. The workouts i’ve done were challenging, exhausting, and improved my overall fitness and endurance. He has a way with people where they are barely able to continue on he can still get you to give it that last push that you wouldn’t have tried without his encouragement.

Brydon Butt, age 17.

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