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MMA Fit Challenge




Athlima MMA Fit challenge has officially wrapped Up for 2017! 

A Huge Thank You To Our Following Sponsors:

Epic Prize Packages Were Awarded As Follows:

Prize pack for MMA Fit Challenge Grand Prize Winner

  • Bare Essentials Gift Basket – $90.00
  • Rosabel Bong: 2 Yoga Sessions – $160.00
  • Advance Laser Clinic 2 Infrared Wraps & 1 Underarm Hair Removal – $360.00
  • Bobby Triantafillou 1:1 Personal Training session – $100.00
  • 3 Month Unlimited Membership to Fitness Group Canada (Includes Tanning and Towel Service) – $250.00
  • $960.00 Total prize Pack Value!

First Runner Up:

  • Bryton Winters Personal 1:1 Training Session – $80.00 
  • Mike Affie 1:1 Martial Arts Training Session – $80.00 
  • $160.00 Total Prize Pack Value!

Second Runner Up:

  • Mammoth Beard Company Gift Package for $100.00

    The Challenge

• Registration has concluded!

• Challenge will officially started on Monday May 1, 2017!

• First assessment day to complete initial fitness tests and body composition tests, takes place Friday April 28, 2017!

• Challenge will end Friday May 26th!

  • Final competition will be held on Saturday May 27th!

There are 5 criteria in which to score points:

1. Body competition and fat loss: Measurements will take place once a week, before or after your class. Try to stay consistent with your time every week.

2. MMA challenges: There will be a set of challenges that will completed on a weekly basis. The challenges will be set up every Friday during the regularly scheduled boot camps, and during a special boot camp time addition of 8:15 p.m.

3. Attendance: Attendance to martial arts classes, boot camps, home workouts and any other workouts must be logged.

4. Accountability: Every time you finish a workout or cheat with the non recommended food, you must log it.

5.  Referral and social sharing: Share your experience with Instagram, Facebook or twitter and receive 1 point.

Text me 403 607 1992. Please state your full name when texting me on your first time. If you don’t have a phone, you can email me or Facebook me.

The winner of the challenge will receive a personal training and health package valued over $700!


1.Battling Rope: How long it takes you to do 50 slams.

2.Sledge Hammer Challenge: How long it takes you to do 20 slams per side.

3.5 Immobilization Ground and Pound: How long it takes you to do all 5 immobilization, 5 X over, with 4 punches in each immobilization.

4.  Ladder Pyramid Challenge: How long it takes you to go from 10 to 1 in single increments, on both sides.

5.  Sit Up and Punch Challenge: How long it takes you to do 50 sit-ups with 2 punches per sit up.

6.  Mittwork: How long it takes you to do 30 Mayweather patterns.

7.  Leg Burpees:  How long it takes you to do 10 on each side.

Regardless of whether or not you are competing in our exciting challenge, please continue to attend your regularly scheduled Friday boot camp! The magnitude of energy you will be exerting with the above challenges will be an intense and physically enduring workout! Everyone will benefit from the variations of training from all of the above exercises!  All fitness tests will be done with a partner. I will do your measurements along with the other trainers.

The Competition.

The competition will take place Saturday May 27th.

There will be 10 challenges.

There will be a minimum of 3 divisions Men, Women, and Teens (14-17 years old). More divisions will be made depending on participants. The criteria will be age.

You will be scored depending on performance. Finishers of all 10 events will receive an illustrious finishers medal. The winner of each division will receive a championship belt.

• Athlima Fitness MMA Fit Challenge Program and Competition for only 2 payments of $99.00 or one payment of $198.00, includes boot-camps, the nutrition program, the in home fitness program, and the championship.  Plus unlimited text support, program weekly body composition testing, on-line videos and tournament entry fee totalling $710.00; you only pay $198.00!

•  Athlima Fitness MMA Transformation Challenge add on for existing clients is only 1 payment of $99.00 (Includes everything above, you only pay $99 because you are already enrolled in my classes).

• Only do the MMA Fit competition on Saturday May 27th, for 1 payment of $99 (this includes no extra instruction, assessments or material worth over $700).


Q: When do I get all my material?

A: On the first assessment day, Friday April 28th. Please try and come Friday night and I will explain rules and answer any questions at that time.

Q: I cannot attend your boot-camp classes, are there any other options?

A: Yes there are options. Attend the martial arts classes, do my in home work out.

Q: How can I pay?

A: Pay with cash, check or credit card.(Check made out to Athlima Fitness).

Q: Will the regular format of boot-camp or martial arts classes change?

A: The times will remain the same, the intensity will increase.

Q: How many spots are available?

A: 30 in total. So it is first come first serve. There is also a paypal sign up option.

(Yoon’s Martial Arts Studio – 3510 27 St NE Bay #14)
   6:15 a.m. - Monday, Wednesday, Friday 
  12:00 p.m - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
   8:15 p.m. - Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
   9:15 a.m  - Saturday
(Fitness Group – 12, 2015 32 Ave NE)
  7:10 p.m. - Tuesday, Thursday

Please Fill out the paper work below and email it to or

bring it in person. Registration has closed for 2017!  SIGN UP FORM 

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